April 28, 2021

Tyler Talbert is a 6’1 freshman RHP at Dallas Baptist University from Flower Mound HS in Texas. He’s ranked 37th of all RHP in the class of 2020 coming from the state of Texas, according to Perfect Game. Talbert has a 90+ mph fastball, along with 3 complimentary off-speed pitches including a curveball, slider, and a change-up.

Q: What led you to choose to continue your career at DBU?

A: “I went on a visit there my sophomore year, and I just loved the atmosphere and just everything about it. Overall, the development and the culture is definitely what attracted me.”

Q: What’s your major and why did you choose that major?

A: “Business and because it’s a good general degree that I can do a lot with.”

Q: Once you got to college, how did you feel about transitioning from a two-way player to a pitcher only?

A: “Kind of mad, but I realized I have more potential as a pitcher.”

Q: Summarize your freshman year/season so far.

A: “I had arm issues in the fall, and didn’t really pitch. In the beginning of the season, I was lingering with arm injuries. Now, my arm is starting to feel good again and feels much better.”

Q: Why did you choose to play for CLPB this summer?

A: “My coaches recommended it so I could train at Cressey Sports Performance. And because it’s in Florida, but the main reason is to train with Cressey and play in a competitive league at the same time.”

Q: What are your expectations for the upcoming CLPB season?

A: “I’m expecting to get a lot of innings in. Overall just have a good summer so in the fall I can be better than I was before.”

Q: What’s the best baseball experience you’ve ever had?

A: “Junior year of high school was probably the best. We made a good playoff run, had a great group of guys, the team was deep pitching and deep hitting. But we lost in the semis to South Lake Texas. I was the closer for the team that year.”

Q: If you got to choose one MLB team to select you in a future draft, who would it be and why?

A: “That’s a tough question. Honestly the Padres because they have a ton of young and cool prospects and exciting players.”