Flamingos brother duo, Chase and Chance Muir, take on the CLPB

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Chase and Chance Muir are one of three sets of brothers playing on the same team in the CLPB this summer.

The Muir brothers are from Henrico, VA and are key players on the Flamingos. Chase, 24 is a pitcher and designated hitter while Chance, 20, is an infielder.

This season is not the first time the Muir brothers got to share the field together on an official team. They played on the same team for the first time this past school year at the Inspiration Academy in Bradenton, FL.

Chase previously played baseball at the University of New Orleans in 2018 and then played at Bryant and Stratton Community College from 2019 through the 2020-2021 school year.

They both wound up at Inspiration Academy this past year as Chase needed to develop his arm strength again after surgery and Chance wound up there based on the challenges Covid caused to the recruitment process.

Our Judith Altneu talked to Chase and Chance about their relationship on the diamond in the CLPB and this past season.

What’s your favorite part about playing with your brother?

Chance: “My favorite part is knowing that someone is there to have my back. Another thing is like when we are hitting in the order, I think I like hit second and he’s like right after me, say I get a hit or he does they are all yelling Muir brothers and stuff.”

Chase: “It’s been really good because it’s somebody that just walks alongside you and you’re doing all the same things. It’s somebody that can watch you and be honest with what you are doing and the work you’re putting in. So, it’s been good to kind of push each other in every way and just being able to have fun as well.”

What made you want to play together at the CLPB?

Chance: “So he [Chase] played in the CLPB I think it was three years ago and he really liked it and we both just love Florida, so we just thought it’d be a good fit for us.

Chase: “We trained with each other back home, but we’ve usually been on different teams since I was older, but because we train together all the time, we just thought it’d be really cool to play together. Because we have that camaraderie it’s just easier to play.”

Does playing with your brother give the two of you like a competitive advantage? If so how?

Chance: “Honestly, I think it does because we just trained together our whole lives and we know each other so well. There’s just some plays that me and him can make together that can help the team, we just kind of know each other really well.”

Chase: “Yeah definitely. I mean we’re always competing to try to do the best that we can. So I mean if he [Chance] does well then …. I’m happy for him, but at the same time I’m trying to make sure that I’m doing what I need to do.”

What’s your favorite memory playing with your brother?

Chance: “I think my favorite memory of me and him was just going to the field every day growing up when we were really young, just having fun playing the game.”

Chase: “My favorite one is probably this past season … just doing interviews before the game and stuff, just being able to hang out with some of the guys on the team and just messing with the coaches. It’s been fun.”

Do you have a favorite memory so far this summer with him [your brother]?

Chance: “Probably yesterday [6/26], when I think I had a base hit up the middle and he hit me in with a triple over the center fielder’s head and I heard you guys on the live stream saying Muir to Muir.”


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