The wall behind home plate: Catching up with Catcher Isiah Mirabal

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Born and raised in Queens, New York, Isiah Mirabal has made a splash with his defense when he first joined the Loggerheads, and just recently his bat has made several big appearances when his team has needed it the most. Mirabal, who is looking to transfer schools, is actually making his second appearance at the CLPB, his previous was in 2019 when his team won the championship! Mirabal has been a part of many cool experiences during his baseball career, but the highlight was winning the state championship in Yankee Stadium. Mirabal mirrors his game with both of his MLB role models, Yadier Molina and Salvador Perez. Just like many players in college, Mirabal wants a shot at being able to play with an MLB team and believes he will not let that opportunity go to waste. If he does get to that platform, he would also like to give the chance to other players to go to college or even the pro level. Noticing the few conversations, I have been able to have with Mirabal before and after games, the maturity in the way he acts, as well as responding to certain questions comes in part to him living away from home since he was 17 because of summer ball and school. He also gives lots of credit to his mom who was a part of the NYPD for over 35 years, and is also his biggest life role model. Mirabal was also a competitive swimmer and had to make the big decision of choosing baseball or swimming, and I certainly believe he made the right choice! Watch the final few games that Mirabal will be a part of and the start of the playoffs on GameKast Live!


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