Player Spotlight: Trey Newland

July 17, 2021

Trey Newland is an incoming junior and will be attending Flagler College in the fall after he committed there just before the CLPB season started. Newland is an OF for the Jupiter Wave where he has a .293 BA with 9 RBI’s, 11 runs, 2 walks and 7 stolen bases.

Q: How does it feel to be selected for the CLPB 2021 All-Star game?

A: It’s an honor to be chosen for the all star game and play against the best players the CLPB has to offer. There are so many talented players in the CLPB, so to get selected is a vast achievement.

Q: What kind of teammate would you say you are and why? Ex: Vocal Leader, Leader by Example, Energized Player.

A: I’d like to say I’m a spark-plug for my team. I always want to be the guy to get to get my teammates going whether it’s the first pitch of the game or the ninth inning.

Q: What made you decide to transfer to Flagler College after being at Prince George’s Community College for 3 years?

A: My goal after I was finished at Prince George’s Community College was always to come back to Florida and continue my education and baseball career. Flagler was a school that gave me an opportunity to do that. With their beautiful campus and dedicated coaching staff it was hard to say no to that offer.

Q: During your past season at Prince George’s, you posed a .365 BA with 14 RBI’s, 2 HR, 13 stolen bases and a .461 OBP. How were you able to have so much success during all of your years there?

A: My teammates and coaches at Prince George’s Community College were always pushing me to be the best player I could be and I owe all my success to them.

Q: What would you say is your greatest baseball achievement at any level?

A: My freshman year at Prince George’s Community College I was one of three outfielders selected for the ABCA Rawlings Gold Glove Award in my division. To be one of the three outfielders selected out of thousands is an immense accomplishment.

Q: When you were growing up, what was your dream job? Why?

A: My dream job has always been to be a Professional Baseball Player. Ever since I started playing baseball at 4 years old, I’ve been in love with this sport. I already have so much fun playing baseball now, imagine getting paid to play!

Q: You currently have a .293 BA with 9 RBI’s, 11 runs and 7 stolen bases in 14 games. How would you say you’ve been able to help your team succeed after the slow start the Jupiter Wave had?

A: Once again just trying to be a spark plug for my team and give my teammates energy by my play on the field.

Q: What is your go-to choice of music to listen to when getting ready for a game? Why?

A: My music pregame is almost always going to be rap because it’s high tempo and it gets me pumped up before I step on the field.

Q: When it comes to baseball, who is your role model? Why?

A: My baseball role model is Cedric Mullins. His path to the MLB is so inspiring and unlikely but he beat the odds by simply working hard and believing in himself. Also he’s not the biggest, fastest, or strongest in the MLB but he’s still one of the best players in the league just by his work ethic.