Player Spotlight: Colby Martin

July 2, 2021

Colby Martin is an incoming sophomore over at Shenandoah University where he majors in business administration. During his freshman season, Martin was voted First-Team All American in 42 games put up a .482 BA, 55 RBI’s, 8 HR, a .544 OBP and 25 stolen bases. Martin plays for the Wellington Colts in the 2021 CLPB season where he has a .520 BA and 4 RBI’s through 7 games.

Q: What have you enjoyed while playing in the CLPB this summer? Why?

A: I have really enjoyed the beautiful fields and surfaces we get to play on here and all the great coverage the league does on all the games.

Q: What kind of teammate would you say you are and why? Ex: Vocal Leader, Leader by Example, Energized Player.

A: I see myself as more of a leader by example on how I carry myself on and off the field. I never try to get to high or too low on the field no matter what happens, now don’t get me wrong I will get fired up if it’s a big game or big situation but other then that I like to keep my cool and just play the game and have fun.

Q: What made you decide to go to Shenandoah University in Virginia?

A: To be honest I didn’t really have any other options coming off of the COVID-19 shutdown I transferred from Messiah after my freshman year so I didn’t have many options but a friend of mine reached out to me and talked to me about Shenandoah and the baseball program and the school and then it kind of just took off from there. But overall I loved my first year there and had a great year and made many life long friends in the first year and I felt at home there. And I cannot wait to get back with my guys and have an even better year.

Q: During your past season at Shenandoah, you posed a .482 BA with 8 HR, 55 RBI’s, a .554 OBP and 25 stolen bases in just 42 games. What do you credit that success to?

A: I really just try and stay in myself at the plate and on the field, I don’t try and do to much and I don’t like all the attention when I am doing good. I am a very superstitious person, especially when it comes to baseball, so yeah I don’t really like when people talk about all the success and stuff to me. I just like to play that game and have fun and try not to stress and think about things during the game.

Q: What would you say is your greatest baseball achievement at any level?

A: This past year at Shenandoah I got numerous awards but my biggest one I would say would definitely be, being a First Team All American. That would definitely be my greatest achievement so far.

Q: When you were growing up, what was your dream job? Why?

A: When I was growing up, I know it sounds like every other little kid but I wanted to play in the Major Leagues. That has always been a goal of mine and playing in college just makes it seem that much closer. But I know how much work has to be put in to get there and I just have to keep focus and keep having fun and whatever happens happens.

Q: You currently have a .520 BA with 4 RBI’s and 4 stolen bases in 7 games. You have also been brought in to pitch during the CLPB season and reached over 90mph. How have you been able to see the ball so well and pitch with such high velocity?

A: When I am at the plate I try not to focus on hitting at all, I know it sounds weird but I try to just hit the ball and not focus on my mechanics at all because they will all work out themselves. Pitching wise I would say I have always been an athletic kid growing up and I always could throw hard, but these past couple years especially when I started lifting, things and my velocity have sort of jumped up a lot. I have never been taught any mechanics or anything pitching wise, I kind of just get up there and throw, so working with more people over the years I think will really help in the future.

Q: What is your go-to choice of music to listen to when getting ready for a game? Why?

A: Before every game I have to listen to Starships by Nicki Minaj. It sounds weird but I did it ever since high school so it has stuck with me forever.

Q: When it comes to baseball, who is your role model? Why?

A: When it comes to baseball my role model would be Dustin Pedroia. I’m a huge Red Sox fan and always watched him growing up and loved the way he played the game with aggressiveness and hustle even though he was not maybe the best or biggest he always gave it his all when he was out there.