Loud on the field, humble in his heart: Rafael Diaz

July 9, 2021

Rafael Diaz is everything but quiet on the field this summer. With a cannon left arm, a bat that can hit anywhere on the field, and wheels that can take him from 1st to home in the blink of an eye; the Puerto Rican native has thrived in the rising Collegiate League of the Palm Beaches this summer. Started to pick up a bat when he was 4, he was trained at Puerto Rican legend Carlos Beltran’s Academy, and has officially touched US soil after playing at a junior college and now is looking to transfer and lock down the right field position. Being able to play with Diaz’s swagger isn’t as easy as it seems, he takes notes from stud outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, Alex Verdugo for advice on swing mechanics, defensive plays, and most importantly, the right attitude towards the game. If Diaz ever invites you over for dinner, expect him to make you some white rice, tostones, which are fried mashed plantains, and some amazing seasoned chicken! Rafael Diaz is an amazing human off the field, but as soon as he steps across the foul lines, it is all business and he will make sure you know where he is at all times during the game.