Johnny Medina Jr: Big Power and Big Country Fan

July 15, 2021

Yup. You read the title right. Read it again if you want to make sure your eyes are not deceiving you. The lockdown defensive, swing for the fences 1B for the Palm Beach Snowbirds is one of the biggest country fans you will ever meet. It caught me by surprise too, honestly. Did not really think that someone who is born and raised in New Jersey, was going to even think about giving country music a shot in his playlist, but here we are. Admire the stud for these next two or so weeks left that we have in the season. Named an All-Star in the South Division, the only real accolade he can remember getting in the game of baseball makes that moment much more special Medina Jr. He was born into a family of “peloteros” (Spanish for baseball players), as his dad Medina Sr, played baseball for a long time growing up. It is a tradition of being a family man for Jr, that has allowed his personality to grow, always smiling on the field, cracking jokes with either the runner on 1st or the umpire behind him, but when it is time to lock in, there is nothing on the field that can get his attention other than that baseball coming at him. Medina Jr’s pregame routine consists of going to Dunkin Donuts and getting 2 egg and cheese wake up wraps and also drinking Zoa energy, a brand that his idol, Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson started, which has also fueled his work ethic in the gym. His goal one day would be to get drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays because he is a huge fan of the stud at 1B for them, Vlad Guerrrero Jr. Next time you see Johnny Medina Jr, on a GameKast Live broadcast expect to see a huge smile on his face before the game, then when that first pitch is in, expect nothing less than a locked-in face for the next 3 hours.