Jared Whittle: You can’t teach speed or love for the game.

June 23, 2021

The MLB average for a 60 yard dash is 6.8 seconds. Jared Whittle does it in 6.2 seconds. But Jared Whittle was at one point a player who couldn’t even make it down to first base after high school. Whittle suffered a torn ACL his senior year of high school and was doubting himself if he would ever play another baseball game ever again. He held onto his dream and set a goal to be even faster than he was before the injury. He attended a D2 college as a freshman, but decided to transfer and walk onto Palm Beach State College. He was working out with the team when COVID-19 hit, and was cut from the team. Whittle did not panic though, he sent out emails to every JUCO in Florida and surrounding states, and even showed out at some camps, but wasn’t able to gather much interest. All hope was lost in late November, but an email from the University of Mobile revived his hopes, and he was able to earn a spot on their roster to play on scholarship. Whittle has drawn inspiration for his game by watching the CF for the Tampa Bay Rays Kevin Kiermaier, by the way he uses his speed covering ground as a defender as well as being a great base stealer. Whittle early in the CLPB season is 18/18 on stolen base attempts, and he does not see anyone throwing him out anytime soon. Despite his stature, Whittle squats 500 lbs. and benches 275 lbs, so working on his craft is one Whittle’s passions, that joins a list that includes any activity that can be done in the water, a true Florida Boy is how Whittle describes himself as. The Flamingos leadoff man has an incredible support system that starts off being blessed by God, with his mom being his number 1 fan, his dad being his best coach, and his girlfriend being with him through all the ups and downs. Baseball players come in all shapes and sizes, but all that matters in the sport is the muscle that pumps blood through your whole body and gives you the will to live.