Big smiles and slick plays: An inside look to Miguel Silfa’s life

July 1, 2021

Track star, big time drummer, and Francisco Lindor look alike? Yes, these are all things that can describe the shortstop for the Jupiter Wave, Miguel Silfa, but some things you notice now about the Domincan with the big smile is that in the outfield grass is where he learned the game he loved. Before coming down to the 561 to play at the CLPB, Silfa was an outfielder, and before that he was running track and field for his high school in New Jersey. Baseball was always in Silfa’s bloodline, due to the fact that he was born in a country where it is a straight baseball factor of living legends, but he has only been playing baseball competitively for the past 6 years. Heading into his 7th year playing at a high level, he is loving the atmosphere that the Collegiate League of the Palm Beaches brings, as well as the camaraderie that his team needed to get going off the field. “Team chemistry was something big me and Izzy [Isias Guzman] wanted to focus on, we felt that we had the talent to win, but weren’t clicking just yet.” Silfa said. Silfa and Guzman decided that certain changes needed to be done, a team group chat as well as team nights on off days, which has certainly paid off for the Wave, now looking over the .500 water level (8-7 as of 6/30). This is nothing new to Silfa, being a great teammate that is; it is part of what he loves about the sport of baseball, the relationships and bonds that he is able to make with people he may play with for as short as a summer season. Silfa holds himself to a really high standard to show his true professionalism, as well as a work ethic standard that he wants to meet everywhere he goes. Next time you see Miggs out on the field diving behind 2nd base, or hustling to leg out a triple, think that the extra boost was given to him by Los Tres Golpes, which is a traditional Domincan dish that consists of mashed plantains, called mangu, fried eggs and cheese, and Silfa’s favorite fried salami.