Alex Walsh looks forward to college after finishing time with the Colts and CLPB

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Alex Walsh a recent high school graduate from Oxbridge Academy and recent commit to University of Miami pitched lights out during his stint with the Wellington Colts.

In five games, including three starts, Walsh pitched 20.2 innings, allowed 12 hits and only 2 earned runs good for a 0.87 ERA, second lowest on the team. Walsh also struck out 34 batters, one of three Colts pitchers to strike out over 30 batters and was named to the North Division All Star team.

Walsh is now looking forward to Miami as he was initially committed to Texas Tech until this summer.

Our Judith Altneu spoke with Walsh about his summer, relationship with head coach Chad Mills, and his recent commitment to Miami.

What’s your relationship like with Coach Mills as you have known him longer than just this summer?

“Well, he’s been my high school coach for three years, sophomore, junior and my senior years. He’s a great coach, very understanding and is pretty flexible with scheduling since I can’t pitch every week. Our high school team wasn’t very strong the last few years and the Colts are very strong so it was a good switch up for both of us to be on a winning team again.”

How was it playing for the Colts this summer?

“Oh, it’s been fun. I really enjoyed playing with the team, all the guys are fun and we’ve been winning so it’s even more fun.”

What was working for you on the mound this summer?

“I pretty much have been working backwards a lot. So like early [throwing] breaking balls and change ups and then late like trying to strikeout guys with fastballs. It helps me to get ahead and when I get ahead is to strikeout guys and that’s been my plan all summer and its worked out pretty well.”

What’s been your summer like for you with your recruitment process?

“Miami reached out as soon I was released they kind of came after me and I toured and I liked it so I ended up committing there. It was a little hectic because I didn’t know where I was going to go to college like in July, but we were able to figure it out and they offered me a good spot.”

Were there any other schools you were considering?

“There were some JUCOs and other DI schools but no one matched Miami’s competitiveness.”

How excited are you to go play baseball at Miami?

“Miami is a great school and a good baseball school and it’s pretty close where people can come see me but it’s not too close where I feel like I’m at home still. It seems kind of perfect and a blessing in disguise. I’m very excited to be a Cane next year.”

What’s been the most important thing you learned this summer as being one of the youngest members in the league?

“I wouldn’t say I learned a ton, but it was a great experience. I feel like it’s a good steppingstone from high school to college. Max [Martzolf] has helped me with my pitches a bit like we talked about pace and stuff.”


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